New Colorado Payroll Reporting

Important payroll reporting begins October 1, 2023. This APPLIES TO EVERY employer in Colorado – even if you are using a third-party service. 

Look for an email that has begun circulating from the Colorado Unemployment Insurance Division (“CUID”), an example is below under Additional Information. 

You MUST update/register your employer information. Your TPA (or in some instances, us as your CPAcan NOT register this for you).

While this is still new to the CUID system, delays may occur in processing payments, filings, and claims until registration is complete.

If you use a THIRD party to process and file payroll reports, you will need to get their “TPA Identification Number” so the CUID can connect / process and update with your Company’s payroll BEFORE you complete your registration.

More information can be found at

Additional Information

On October 1, 2023, the Unemployment Insurance (UI) Division implemented a new premium payment and wage reporting system. The new system, MyUI Employer+, will fully integrate with the existing MyUI+ claims system. MyUI Employer+ will provide users with a secure online portal to conduct business with the UI Division, with more self-service features than are currently available in the existing Employer system.

It is imperative that you create your new MyUI Employer+ account on or before October 3, 2023, to continue paying premiums and reporting wages on time. You will not be able to log into your existing MyUI Employer account after the new system is launched. Your account data will automatically be pulled into the new system. You will need to submit your 3rd quarter wage reports in the new system and premium reports are no longer required. 

The UI Division is moving to electronic processing and electronic communication in lieu of paper forms. You will be able to manage your employer account information, pay premiums, file wage reports, respond to claims notices, request customer service, and more through the online self-service portal. 

Also note, that existing Employer Account Numbers (EAN) are changing. To activate your new MyUI Employer+ account, you will either: 

  1. Receive an email with an activation link, or
  2. Receive a letter with an activation code. 

If you have not received an activation link or code, DO NOT TAKE ANY ACTION. You will receive an activation code or link (by mail or email). The activation code is valid for 14 days upon receipt.