Accounting and Management Consulting Services

Land Allan & Company Accounting Mangement and Consulting Slip sheetWe assist clients in many different ways. One service many small businesses find valuable is our accounting and management consulting services.

Our accounting services cover a wide range of “back office” support. Rather than hiring a full-time bookkeeper or controller as an employee, we offer this service to allow business owners to focus on running their business while we handle their day-to-day accounting needs.

The costs associated with hiring a full-time bookkeeper or controller can be substantial, including benefits, payroll taxes, and unemployment insurance. In addition, with increased pressure arising from the IRS on identifying the contract bookkeeper vs. the employee, we can assist you in reducing this exposure. We are able to operate efficiently using systems we have implemented, maintained, and updated across many industries.

By using our services and systems, it allows us to offer these accounting services at a competitive rate to the business owner. As part of your financial team, while preparing accurate, timely, and reliable financial information, timely advice is offered, rather than at year end or after the fact.

Our accounting services can be specifically structured to help you Move Your Company Forward. These services include the following, specified to your needs:

Our accounting services help organizations overcome the financial challenges they may face throughout their life cycle, setting us apart from traditional accounting firms.

Our management consulting services are specifically structured to help you Move Your Company Forward. As a client begins and continues to work with our team members, our experience and knowledge encourages our clients to call us first, before they make a decision. From our training and experiences as accountants to our entrepreneurial spirit and skill set, we are able to work through challenges and opportunities with our clients while providing sound advice.

Our management consulting services include the following, specified to your needs. Please download our Accounting and Management Consulting slip sheet for more information.

All of the above services are followed up to ensure you and your company understand the services rendered and the suggestions are being implemented or if additional assistance is needed. We think outside the box to assist you in achieving your goals and to ask you the question no one has, so you can Move Your Company Forward.