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We prepare individual (Form 1040), corporate (Form 1120), partnership (Form 1065) S-corporation (Form 1120S), trust, and estate (Forms 1041 and 706) tax returns for our clients in a timely and professional manner.

We prepare tax returns for clients all throughout the year, not just from January – April 15. We work closely with our clients during the year to inform them about their overall tax strategy and positions so they can plan accordingly and make the appropriate adjustments when needed. We find this level of interaction and communication during the year allows our clients to operate their business and personal financial lives with more certainty. The end result of preparing our clients’ tax returns is a clear and thorough understanding of tax compliance for the current year, and assistance in planning the upcoming year.

We will assist our clients with organizational setup to choose the correct tax structure for their entities. Selecting the correct tax structure is an important decision and we can assist you in that process and identify the strengths and weaknesses of each structure to assist you and your legal team in making the correct decision.

We work with many businesses with traditional December 31 and fiscal year ends.

Many of our “tax only” clients call and meet with us during the year to take advantage of our understanding of their businesses and knowledge. Our knowledge and ongoing education in this ever-changing tax environment will assist you to Move Your Company Forward.

Access Important Tax Dates for Small Businesses right from your desktop, even when you’re offline. As new events are added, they will be automatically updated via the desktop tool.

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The complexity of conducting business across multiple state and local tax jurisdictions brings unique challenges and complexity to even a seasoned and sophisticated business. Click here to read more about our SALT services.

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