Considering Growing or Selling Your Business?

You should always operate from a position of strength. That is why having at least a baseline business valuation is important, especially if you are considering business growth or a sale. 

The simple truth is that things happen even when we don’t plan for them. Deciding to have a business valuation is a proactive step that can prove quite useful as you plan for your business’s future.

Once you’ve decided to have your business valued, you need to prepare for the process. Our Business Valuation Checklist is a guideline for the information you will need.

Remember that the goals of the valuation are to evaluate the company’s past performance, as well as its projected future performance.

The Checklist includes the financial, company, and market information, as well as information analysis details needed for an effective valuation. It is the information you will need to obtain a clear picture of your business. 

business valuation checklist cover

When working with a business valuation specialist, like us, you may find that additional information is needed to flesh out more details. At the very least, you’ll have a road map for what needs to happen to increase the value of your business.

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Download the Business Valuation Checklist