IRS or State Audit or Identity Theft? We’ve Got Your Back.

Affordable tax audit protection and identity theft service from Lang Allan & Company CPAs PC (“Lang Allan”) will support you if the IRS or a state audits your income tax return or if you are a victim of identity theft.

As stated in our engagement letter to you, our tax preparation engagement does not include responding to notices and/or audits by the IRS or state agencies.

Included on your invoice for the current year, may be an additional fee for enrollment in this program. This is an additional service we can provide for you.

Lang Allan Tax Protection Program Agreement

  • What will Lang Allan & Company CPAs PC (“Lang Allan”) do for me on the tax protection program?

    1. Lang Allan will handle all related communications with the IRS or state agency regarding the notice and/or audit of income tax returns we prepared.
    2. Lang Allan will develop a strategy with you regarding the notice and/or audit in question and meet with and/or correspond with the IRS or state agency as your representative.
    3. Lang Allan will negotiate with the IRS or state agency through appeals and pre-litigation appeals review prior to trial in Tax Court.
    4. Lang Allan will not settle an audit/notice with the IRS or state agency without your final approval and consent.
  • Does Lang Allan offer the tax protection program to all clients?

    1. Lang Allan, at its sole discretion, may offer this additional service on a client by client basis.
    2. This service is not transferable, assignable to any family members or other entities you may be associated.
  • What is NOT covered under this tax protection program?

    1. Income tax returns we did not prepare.
    2. Unfiled income tax returns.
    3. Notices and/or collection notices received before you enroll in the tax protection program.
    4. Legal assistance, nor representation in Federal or State Tax Court.
    5. Assistance in defending civil or criminal fraud, either actual or alleged.
    6. Amending federal or state income tax returns as a result of notices and/or audits.
    7. Any audit or notice received that is tied to or related to any criminal investigation you may be under. If you or your entity become under a criminal investigation at any time during Lang Allan’s representation of any income tax matters, we will terminate these services until your criminal investigation has been completed.
    8. Additional work incurred to represent you if you report your documentation to us late or untimely in order to respond accordingly.
    9. Businesses with over $9 million of revenues or 10 partners/shareholders.
    10. IRS or state agency notices or audits of entities you may be associated with, that we did not explicitly offer this tax protection program to.
    11. Foreign jurisdiction representation.
    12. Identity theft monitoring.
    13. Fraudulent deductions or documentation.
    14. Refund status updates prior to written communication from the IRS/State agency.
    15. Disallowance of deductions unsupported by adequate documentation or for resulting taxes, penalties and interest.
    16. Additional taxes, penalties and interest due on changes to income as reported.
  • What is covered under this tax protection program?

    1. Income tax returns we prepared for you and e-filed or a paper return we prepared and you filed.
    2. Personal representation of any income tax matters noted above, with the IRS or state agency.
  • How do I enroll in the tax protection program?

    1. On your invoice for tax preparation services was an additional fee for the tax protection program. If you want to enroll, simply pay the fee on your invoice within 30 days of receipt. That’s it, you’re enrolled and accepted the terms of this agreement.
    2. If there was not a fee included on your invoice, the service is not being offered to you. You may contact our office to discuss why it is not being offered to you/your company.
  • Will you represent me in tax court?

    1. As stated earlier, this tax protection program does not include the time and costs to prepare and represent you in tax court.
  • How long does the tax protection program last for?

    1. Upon acceptance with a timely payment, the service will last for a period not to exceed the lessor of
      1. 24 months from the date we prepared your return (i.e. the date on your filing instructions for the returns covered).
      2. The date Lang Allan and client’s relationship is terminated.
  • I received an IRS or State agency notice or audit letter, now what do I do?

    1. Contact Lang Allan within 7 days of receiving a notice from the IRS/State agency and forward a copy of the notice to us.
    2. Most notices have a timeline to respond to. If you contact us after the 7th day and we incur additional costs to meet the deadlines, additional fees may be billed to you by Lang Allan.
    4. We will then begin the process of reviewing the notice or letter and begin the course of action needed to represent you regarding the matter.
    5. Provide us with the requested documentation or supporting documents Lang Allan requests of you to represent you on the matters in question.
    6. Provide us with an executed Power of Attorney to represent you before the IRS or state agency.
  • Engagement letter

    1. The terms of our tax preparation engagement letter sent to you of the year in question are still applicable and in force, including but not limited to, the risk of liability and dispute resolution statements.
    2. By accepting and remitting a timely payment, the phrase “Our fee does not include responding to Internal Revenue Service or state inquiries” in our tax preparation engagement letter is therefore removed and then replaced by this agreement.
  • My identity has been stolen or compromised, now what?

    1. If you are monitoring your personal identity and become aware your identity has been compromised, contact our office and we will begin to notify the IRS and State agencies on your behalf to make them aware and request copies of any and all tax returns filed under your name and social security number for the year enrolled in the tax protection program.
    2. Obtain the necessary PIN for you to file tax returns under the current year and/or future years.
    3. Prepare for your signature and filing the identity theft affidavit.
  • What is a tax-related identity theft?

    1. According to the IRS website:
    2. Tax-related identity theft occurs when someone uses your stolen Social Security number to file a tax return claiming a fraudulent refund.
  • How do I OPT OUT of the tax protection program?

    1. Simply deduct the amount from your invoice for the program and pay for the tax preparation services only.
    2. No pressure, what so ever.
As a reminder the IRS does not initiate contact with taxpayers by email to request personal or financial information. This includes anytype of electronic communication, such as text messages and social media channels. In addition, the IRS will contact you initially by U.S. mail.