State and Local Tax (SALT)

As your business grows, eventually you may be forced to cross the state line with either another office, manufacturing facility or simply out of state employees or salespeople selling your product or services. The complexity of conducting business across multiple state and local tax jurisdictions brings unique challenges and complexity to even a seasoned and sophisticated business. At Lang Allan & Company CPAs PC, we understand difficult tax compliance and provisions that taxpayers face across multiple tax jurisdictions.

We ensure clients minimize risk, while ensuring the proper taxes are prepared, filed and paid. We work with you to help lower your tax exposure and remove the administrative burden of the tax compliance.

Whether you are simply filing a return in the state you border or file across 30 states, we work with a wide range of businesses to design and implement solutions to fit their business needs.

Lang Allan & Company CPAs PC keeps current on tax laws and regulations in a variety of tax jurisdictions so we can customize a plan to meet the specific needs of our clients. Together, we help you Move Your Company Forward.