Profitability for Professional Services firms ebook cover v1Steps to Improve Law Firm Profitability

Law firm partners are busy. We understand that. This ebook doesn’t address the day-to-day duties and tasks associated with running a firm; but rather, defines ways to make your firm more profitable.

From financial threats and fraud, to tax reform changes that impact you, your firm, and staff, we are here to help Move Your Company Forward by providing information you need to be even more successful.

Sound accounting leads to a more profitable professional services company.

In this ebook, you’ll gain information about:

  • 4 Financial Threats to Your Firm’s Long-Term Survival
  • What’s Your Firm Worth?
  • Fraud Prevention—It’s Time to Update Your Firm’s Internal Controls
  • A Closer Look at New Business Tax Reforms
  • Managing Your Law Firm’s Cash Flow
  • Is Your Firm Facing a Cash Flow Crunch?
  • Creating a Cash Balance Pension Plan for Your Firm
  • Running Your Legal Practice: The CFO Solution

Get the details you need for your firm to be more profitable.